Beautiful amber chips contrast beautifully with green glass and silver beads.  Two large disks of Mother-of-Pearl bring out the deeper green of the stone "spikes" that decorate the bottom half of this piece.  Great with a deep V neckline and goes fabulously with outfits in green, brown, black and white!

Tthis necklace still holds its own.  It's green, faux leather cording with shiny, silver circles that overlap with green glass beads and a large, oval, dragon vein stone. 

Classically elegant meets totally stylish!  Faceted black glass intermingled with silver and small turquoise stones and a large turquoise teardrop.  Wear with your bathing suit cover-up or your fanciest club attire! 


Very delicate Indian Agate in shades of purple, pink, and green surround an almost white silver wire and are flanked by coordinating glass beads. This piece is closed with a lovely, silver Hibiscus flower clasp.  Earrings are also Indian Agate and glass beads. Soft enough for a business suit or your favorite jeans and white T.

This is a classically beautiful piece!  Copper chain with black laquered hearts, small copper hearts with amber sparkles, all leading down to a beautiful peacock!  Dress up a t-shirt or compliment a maxi-dress!   

Classic Red Coral chips broken up with coins of black and white Snowflake Jasper.  Wear this pair with jeans and a nice, light linen top.  Classic. 

You can't get much more stylish this season than wearing turquoise!  This piece features turquoise balls with whimsical silver caps and is adorned with tiger iron and amber glass.  


 I love coper and green!  this necklace is on a large copper chain with tiny (handmade) copper swirls, green glass dangles and dragonscale stones with rootbeer colored leaves and a copper leaf in the middle.  I added a shot of the clasp - you can wear your hair up with this one! 

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